Question: How many emails can I send per hour?


Answer: We are restricted to 500 emails per hour, and 5000 max names. Breaking these into smaller lists is not allowed. Our providers limits due to the bandwidth required. We take this issue very strongly and will enforce with penalties associated from it. Contact for more details.


Question: How much does it cost to build a web site?


Answer: That depends. If you build your own website, then it only costs you your Domain Name (average $15.00 per Year) to thousands of dollars having someone build fit or you. We at MWS build most small business sites for approximately $250.00 total. You would still need to pay an annual Domain Name Fee and a Web Host fee after the year of service is up. Other fees that may be required is a dedicated IP Address, or a SSl Certificate to secure your data. Contact us for any specific items you may need.


Question: Does MWS set up the account?


Answer: MWS will set up your cPanel and point your Domain as needed. We do not set up email accounts, FTP, etc. However we can help if needed. You may need to point your existing domain name to our servers. Contact Us for help. We do not configure third party scripts that are available in your script installer.


Question:  Do you force password changes?


Answer: MWS will conduct forced password changes for security purposes. Contact Us if you have any issues.


Question: If I hire MWS to build our website, do we have access to the cPanel?


Answer: Absolutely! We may wait to give you access until after the build and approval, reducing delays. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about the powerful tools that are included in your web host. cPanel is very easy to use.